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Haiku Poet Interviews (September 2023)

re:Virals 272 (December 2020 The Haiku Foundation)
The Haiku Foundation's weekly poem commentary feature
on some of the finest haiku ever written in English.

a boy's wind-up robot
chases the surf

First publication: bottle rockets #44 (2021) ed. Stanford M. Forrester

the open lids of grand pianos sailing a sun-struck wall
First Publication: NOON, Issue 16 (2020) ed. Philip Rowland

re:Virals 291 (April 2021 The Haiku Foundation)
Schrödinger's MA and the seque axis by Alan Summers
(Haiku North America conference presentation, October 2021)

The Mary Jo Balistreri Feature
Bloo Outlier Journal issue #3, New Year 2022 ed. Alan Summers

Poetic Power to Fill a Book
Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books

New to Haiku: Advice for Beginners — Jo Balistreri (Haiku Foundation, June 2023)

The blue key haiku feature: Headhunting Jo Balistreri (Pan Haiku Review issue 1, Spring 2023)

Haiku and Ceramics Project: Sunday, 2022
The director also posted all of the pieces in a slide show on the center?s website, along with a video tour: https://www.meetinghouseclay.com/gallery-shows/

YouTube : Drifting Sands Haibun: Ripples in the Sand with Jo Balistreri (6/26/23)

Special Guest Poet Profile Feature: Mary Jo Balistreri (pages 128—137)
Bloo Outlier Journal issue 3  
the natural history haiku edition (Summer 2022)
ed. Alan Summers

Jo's Akita features
World Haiku Series 2020 (45)
World Haiku Series 2019 (76)
Jo Balistreri at Living Senryu Anthology

The Area 17 Profile Poet Series: Mary Jo Balistreri

Interview with WUWM 89.7

"Couperin's Kingly Courts: The Poetry of Mary Jo Balistreri," The Poet magazine

The Monday Writer interview, Sentinel Literary Quarterly

Mary Jo Balistreri